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Q: Is Fartr for real?

A: Yes, and as a matter of fact - the technology we use under the hood is patent pending.

Q: Why did you build Fartr?

A: Originally for entertainment, then out of curiosity, but mostly because it’s never been done before.

Q: How does Fartr work?

A: Our team of data scientists and developers broke down the audio associated with farts into four distinct categories including pitch, duration, volume and meter. Those variables are then fed into our proprietary algorithm to generate a dynamic color visualization of your fart, a Fartr Score™ and an amusing description of what Fartr hears.

Q: Tell me more about your proprietary algorithm.

A: Nice try! It’s proprietary for a reason. We spent over a year developing the platform and while we can’t say that we didn’t giggle like thirteen year old boys and girls EVERY single time we tested and retested (and retested) our creation with actual flatulence sounds - we can say that our data scientists, developers and coders have calibrated that perfect symphony of pitch, duration, volume and meter.

Q: When does Fartr work best?

A: As you can imagine, background noise will compete for your device’s microphone so quiet spaces are best. (Bonus: This may also prevent perplexed stares from bystanders while farting into your phone.)

Q: Does Fartr share my personal information?

A: Hell no! We understand the sensitivity provided the subject matter and ask for an email address only so we can save your submissions and allow you to share, if you are so inclined. Only your screen name is used in the app and when sharing. See our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Q: What’s next for Fartr?

A: Oh boy! Do we have some fun projects in the works. Be on the lookout for leaderboards, competitions and more. Be sure to stick around!

Q: Are you concerned about lowering the bar for human decency?

A: We thought about this – but we kept coming back to the reality that flatulence is truly universal. Every single living thing expels some form of gas. And because we all experience this, we feel it actually connect us, and that we can use it to bring us closer together through a little bit of lighthearted fun. Couldn’t we all use some more of that right about now? If this is not your cup of tea, we understand.

Q: What else?

A: Well, while flatulence can be amusing for some people, it can also be a painful existence for others. So we plan to take a percentage of net proceeds from Fartr and make a donation to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation to help support a cure and some relief for people that suffer through a variety of related issues.